Gargantuan Gacha Wuthering Waves Targeting PS5 At a Later Date 1

Wuthering Waves is looking like the next big thing. The upcoming gacha is getting an absolutely colossal push in Asia, with bus liveries, subway station takeovers, and enormous banners. In the west, the title recently rebranded Times Square, in a marketing event that must have cost developer Kuro an enormous chunk of change. The free-to-play title has attracted 30 million registrations prior to its release next week, on 22nd May.

Gargantuan Gacha Wuthering Waves Targeting PS5 At a Later Date 2
You can't move in Taipei without seeing giant Wuthering Waves advertising banners. — Image: Push Square

But there’s one problem – it’s not coming to PS5 yet, where a huge chunk of the audience for rival developer HoYoverse’s titles reside. Speaking at GDC, the Hong Kong-based developer explained that a PlayStation port is definitely in the pipeline, it’s just going to take a little bit of time to be realised.

Speaking with The Loadout, overseas marketing specialist Lennon Li confirmed: “We do have a plan [to release] on console, but we’re still working on it.” Previously, the studio had said at Unreal Fest Shanghai that the PS5 version would utilise the same graphical settings as Ultra on PC, so it sounds like it’s at the very least deep into development on the port.

The challenge for Kuro is that gachas are best enjoyed day-and-date, as you’ll always find yourself playing catch-up on limited time banners if you start later than everyone else. It also looks like Zenless Zone Zero will release in July, which means Wuthering Waves will have its work cut out converting players already addicted to HoYoverse’s holy trinity. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for the port.