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Diablo IV's upcoming Season 4 promises to be transformative. Blizzard has decided to forgo the usual swathe of service content, instead using the opportunity to rework how itemisation builds crafting work and introduce improvements and fixes requested by the player base.

Arriving on 14th May, Loot Reborn will fundamentally change how the game is played. IGN got the chance to sit down with the leadership team in charge of the changes to discuss what players can expect when the update goes live: "This season, very differently from past seasons, is more of a core, fundamental change to how a big part of how Diablo gameplay works, as opposed to being more seasonal content."

The update will simplify how affixes work (special effects which can be added to a specific piece of gear), making them easier to understand and more consistently useful. A new "Tempering" system will be introduced, allowing players to customise their desired gear. The Code of Power is getting a total overhaul, and a new tier of loot capable of carrying Greater Affixes will be added. Combined, this should be a severe shakeup to how the game fundamentally works, especially during the expansive endgame, where squeezing out every statistical advantage you can is essential.

How do you feel about the changes coming to Diablo IV in Season 4? Do these itemisation changes pique your interest, or is it too little too late? Pray for a good roll in the comments section below.