Diablo 4 Season 4 Changes

It's easy to forget that Diablo 4 has only been on the market for ten months. The game's had so many ups and downs that it feels like it's been hanging around for years, with the general consensus being that Blizzard has struggled to maintain the title's momentum through its seasonal updates. But with Season 4 — which is due to drop in May — the developer may finally be on the cusp of convincing hardcore players that the action RPG is in a good place.

Right now, PC players are able to take Season 4 for a a spin through public test servers, and the feedback has been rather positive. Indeed, Blizzard is making significant changes to the title's loot system in an attempt to make everything feel more rewarding. The current system has been a sticking point for many since the game released, with weapons and armour stuck with borderline pointless attributes until you get endgame gear — and then it's just a case of following a very clearly defined meta. In short, there's just an overall lack of variety; so much loot feels useless.

Season 4's adjustments are meant to make each item feel worthwhile — like it's at least something to consider. Again, the reaction to these adjustments has been positive so far, and Blizzard's decision to delay the season's full launch — so that it can properly test this refreshed system — has proven to be quite wise. Here's hoping that it all works out next month.

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[source gamesradar.com]