PS Plus Essential May 2024

We've had to wait a little while longer than usual due to the way the dates have fallen, but this month's PS Plus Essential games are now available to download across PS5, PS4. They're up in the UK and across Europe now, and availability will be rolled out to the USA later on in the day. As a recap, the four titles for May 2024 are:

As is a Push Square tradition, we ran a Poll over the weekend to source your thoughts on the newest PS Plus Essential lineup Sony has supplied. Overall, the results just about skewed positively, with 35 per cent of respondents saying they were either satisfied with the offering or "very happy" about the games they're getting this month. Only 29 per cent of you think the selection is "crap" this month, which feels like progress! Tunic is the title you selected as the one you're excited to play most of all.

If you're also a PS Plus Extra member, don't forget day one title Animal Well will also be joining the service later this week. Will you be redeeming and playing this month's games, or are you passing completely? Let us know in the comments below.