Stellar Blade Gets New Game+ Mode in Day One Update on PS5 1

The PS5 exclusive action game Stellar Blade launches tomorrow, 26th April, and as with most game launches these days, a day one update will arrive alongside it. While the patch will no doubt fix some bugs and get the title in better shape for release day, this one also throws in a big new feature: New Game+ mode.

New Game+ is a fairly common feature that allows you to carry over some of your progress from a completed campaign to a new one. With action games like Stellar Blade, that usually means you'll keep all the abilities, levels, and other upgrades, meaning you'll start the next run fully powered up.

As spotted by GamesRadar+, the game's New Game+ mode does pretty much exactly that. An in-game prompt will pop up once you've completed the game normally; it explains that "all your equipment, currency, items and records, character enhancements, drone upgrades, acquired skills, and owned SP" will carry over to New Game+, but that you'll start the game over from the beginning. So, your amped-up Eve can be taken into a second run with all her skills and other upgrades ready to roll.

Over on the PS Blog, there are some more details on what to expect. New Game+ will also feature new costumes and accessories to unlock for Eve, as well as her allies Adam, Lily, and even the drone. There are 34 new cosmetic items to earn, most being new costumes for Eve, such as the Crew Style outfit.

Furthermore, Eve's Weapon, HP, Beta Energy, and Tumbler stats can be enhanced beyond what's possible in the standard game. The drone can also be upgraded for more powerful ranged attacks.

There are even new skills to unlock in Stellar Blade's New Game+. This includes four new Beta skill moves, eight enhancements to existing skills, and five new drone skills.

Developer Shift Up previously said that New Game+ would arrive as part of its post-launch plans, but it's good to see it arrive just in time for launch day. It's always a nice extra for fans, letting them go through a game again with a slightly different experience. Will you be playing Stellar Blade's New Game+ mode once you're done with your first playthrough? Tell us in the comments section below.

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