PS5 Pro YouTube Leak Takedown
Image: Push Square

As if there was much doubting it at this point, the copyright claim of a YouTube video, which has resulted in its removal, points towards all of the PS5 Pro leaks being accurate. The video in question was posted by the channel Moore's Law Is Dead, and it had a hand in kickstarting the leaks that have since surrounded Sony's upgraded console. The copyright claim was, of course, filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment — and so it's easy to conclude that the information was bang on, at least to some extent.

But again, it would come as no surprise whatsoever to learn that all of the leaks are legit. They've simply been corroborated too many times — by too many reputable sources — for them to be without weight. We suppose there's a chance that the leaked documents are outdated in some way, but even then, older hardware specifications aren't going to be drastically different in the final product.

Really, it's now just a case of waiting for Sony's official announcement. With the PS5 Pro supposedly set for release later this year, we should be hearing all about it soonish. Perhaps the system will be unveiled at PlayStation's rumoured showcase next month.

What are your thoughts on PS5 Pro after all of these leaks? Raise an eyebrow in the comments section below.

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