PS5 Pro Leak
Image: Push Square

Although we're still waiting on Sony's official announcement, the PS5 Pro seems to be all systems go behind the scenes. Following on from several leaks over the last few months, a new report from The Verge says that Sony is really starting to push its supercharged console, as it's currently asking development teams to make sure that their games are compatible with the new hardware — presumably ahead of its launch later in the year.

According to this latest leak — which largely overlaps with previous reports — Sony is set to focus on ray tracing and potentially significant graphical enhancements with the PS5 Pro. A more powerful GPU (graphics processing unit) is again being touted the biggest upgrade, making the system "far more capable" when it comes to implementing often demanding visual enhancements like ray tracing. Documents obtained by The Verge say that the GPU is "about 45 percent faster than standard PS5".

The Pro is also described as "a high-end version of PS5" by Sony, and, as you'd expect, it won't outright replace the standard console, acting as a premium option for the more hardcore crowd.

Meanwhile, as was already rumoured, the system's CPU (central processing unit) is the same as what you'll find in the standard PS5. However, a "high CPU frequency mode" — which can be toggled on and off by the user — allows the CPU to be clocked at a higher frequency. In other words, you can tell the Pro to dedicate more power to the CPU, at the expense of "roughly 1 percent lower performance" on the GPU side of things.

And to top it all off, the PS5 Pro will apparently give developers more system memory to play around with; it's a 28% increase — maybe more, since the Pro's memory usage is more efficient — from 448GB per second on PS5 to 576GB per second on PS5 Pro. Sony believes that these enhancements will tie into its PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution) tech, which can reportedly provide huge bumps in resolution through upscaling.

Long story short, the PS5 Pro looks like it could provide a bigger graphical push than some players anticipate — and when you add this fresh leak to the previous reports, it's difficult not to see Sony releasing this enhanced console before the year is out. Now we're just left wondering about the all-important price point.

What do you make of these PS5 Pro reports? When do you think the official reveal is coming? Gawk at that ray tracing in the comments section below.