PS5 Push Square

Building on an article published overnight, The Verge has another post that largely reiterates past reporting from Insider Gaming covering what Sony has planned for its PS5 Pro and the upgrades it will bring to current games. Reported first at the start of April but now confirmed through more sources, Sony is reportedly allowing developers to tag their titles as "PS5 Pro Enhanced" after applying one of a few different upgrades.

For getting the most out of a PS5 Pro, the hardware manufacturer is supposedly asking studios to "create a new PS5 Pro-exclusive graphics mode in games that combines Sony’s new PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) upscaling to 4K resolution with a 60fps frame rate and ray-tracing effects". This would see developers get the most out of the base PS5 to PS5 Pro upgrade, but the "PS5 Pro Enhanced" label can still be applied for more minor updates.

These other requirements may include:

  • Increased target resolution on PS5 Pro where the base PS5 has a fixed resolution
  • Increased target maximum resolution on PS5 Pro where the base PS5 has a variable resolution
  • Enabling ray tracing effects
  • Increased frame rate target

The report goes on to suggest that even if a developer doesn't go back and update its older titles, they may still see a slight improvement on a PS5 Pro by way of an "ultra-boost mode". Games with a VRR (variable refresh rate) mode will run at higher frame rates, variable resolutions will output at a higher resolution, and frame rates in general may be more stable. If these settings are fixed rather than variable, though, then the upgrades on PS5 Pro won't come naturally. Sony is said to have warned developers about this situation, according to The Verge reporting.

Where are you at with a potential PS5 Pro? Are you interested in getting one should it be real or are you not interested? Post your thoughts in the comments below.