Rare has scheduled a Sea of Thieves closed beta for the PS5 version launching at the end of April, with access granted by pre-ordering the title on the PS Store. The pre-release test will run from Friday, 12th April 2024 until Monday, with all participants unlocking PS5 exclusive items: the Dauntless Adventurer Sails and Title.

It's not clear yet exactly what content PS5 players will be able to play during the closed beta, but it's been confirmed that all your Renown, currency, and cosmetic rewards earned from the Season 11 progression track will carry over to the full game. Beta participants also automatically get 10 levels of Renown for the Season 12 battle pass.

"Closed Beta participants will not be able to engage with the Pirate Emporium, and will only be playing with other PlayStation players during this period," a FAQ page continues. "While Trophies will be disabled during the Closed Beta, progress towards them will be tracked, carried over and unlocked appropriately upon launch of the retail version."

When the full PS5 game launches on 30th April 2024, it'll ship with PlayStation-exclusive servers, DualSense controller support, more than 250 Trophies to unlock, and features that allow you to transfer progress and items from other consoles. All versions of Sea of Thieves up for pre-order come with access to the closed beta, which Microsoft is reportedly seeing as a "key test" as it considers bringing more Xbox exclusives to PS5.

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