Sea of Thieves PlayStation Push Square

This month's PS5 release of Sea of Thieves is seen as a "key test" to determine whether more Xbox titles will be ported over to Sony systems, Tom Warren of The Verge reports. In a new article detailing executive changes at Xbox, it's said sources close to Warren tell of continued discussions around evaluating what current Xbox exclusives will be brought over to PS5. The success of Sea of Thieves on PS5 is supposedly "key" to whether more titles will follow in the future.

The PS5 port of Rare's seafaring adventure arrives on 30th April 2024, or you can get five days of early access with the Premium Edition. The developer looks to be going all out with its support on Sony's console, as all of your progress and items can carry over from a current Xbox or PC save, and there'll be servers dedicated to PS5 players. Furthermore, a whopping 254 Trophies will be on offer.

Rare certainly seems to be doing its part in giving Sea of Thieves the best chance of success on PS5, and for now, that appears to be replicated in the PS Store's pre-order charts. Currently, the base game and the Premium Edition are two of the three best-selling pre-orders on Sony's marketplace in the UK, with only Stellar Blade beating it. In the USA, the premium edition is third.

So, there you have it: if you want to see other Xbox exclusives like Starfield or upcoming releases such as Senua's Saga: Hellblade II come to PS5, then support Sea of Thieves. Are you going to do so? Let us know in the comments below.