Sea of Thieves sails into uncharted waters on 30th April, when the formerly Xbox-exclusive pirate simulator catches stranger tides and arrives on PS5. In terms of performance, it will offer parity with the Xbox Series X version (60fps, 4K), and for those jumping ship or turning coat, Xbox players can transfer their progress and items over to PlayStation.

Developer Rare published an illuminating blog post, answering many of our burning PS5 questions in the process. Along with an astonishing number of Trophies for players to chase, PlayStation players are spoiled with unique cosmetics, haptic feedback allowing for greater immersion, and the DualSense's adaptive triggers are getting an adaptation.

Xbox and Steam achievements will seamlessly convert into Trophies on PS5, which feels like a first (although perhaps we weren't paying attention). Rare notes show that in-progress achievements may be lost and must be redone on PS5.

If you want to burn your bridges with former Xbox mates, PlayStation-only servers will let players deactivate cross-play functionality, restricting gaming sessions to PlayStation players only. Cross-play can also be limited to controller-only if you prefer to play with your gamepad brethren alone.

What do you think of Sea of Thieves' suite of PS5 features? Will you be diving in when this one docks? Let us know in the comments section below.