Lost Soul Aside

Ah, Lost Soul Aside. Originally a one-man project that was picked up by Sony, the game's been in development for roughly seven years. In that time, the title has clearly undergone some dramatic changes ā€” especially in terms of scope ā€” and it's looked more and more promising with every showing. The game's most recent appearance arrived last summer, when a new trailer seemingly confirmed that the initial PS4 version was cancelled, in favour of PS5 and PC.

However, before that, back in November 2022, Lost Soul Aside was given a vague 'early 2024' launch window. Obviously that's no longer happening, and so fans have found themselves waiting on additional communication, either from Sony or developer UltiZero Games.

The good news is that we've been handed an update. The bad news is that it's barely an update. Posting on the official China Hero Project Twitter account, the team writes: "Hello from Lost Soul Aside Producer - Yang Bing. And we will share more about this WIP title later."

Here's hoping that "later" means soon!

How long have you been waiting on Lost Soul Aside? Is there a chance that it shows up during Sony's rumoured PlayStation Showcase next month? Please be excited in the comments section below.

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