Lost Soul Aside was one of the earlier Chinese indie games to really resonate globally, and its development cycle has been so protracted that it was originally revealed during the early days of the PS4. Several years later, a new trailer from the ChinaJoy convention suggests the game may have been cancelled on Sony’s last-gen console, as PS5 and a newly announced PC version are the only platforms attached.

“Lost Soul Aside is an action RPG developed on Unreal Engine 4 and planned for release on PS5 and PC,” reads the blurb. “It features a unique combat system, stunning graphics, and an engaging story. The gameplay revolves around fluid and intense battles as players face a variety of powerful enemies and challenges.”

If it is indeed true that the PS4 version has been cancelled, this trailer confidently illustrates why. The game – which has grown-up a lot from its early tech demo days – shows the protagonist hoverboarding through an action-packed arena, before facing off against a gigantic water deity using some special moves that see him transform into a cloud of particles. It’s larger-than-life stuff, and this looks like a proper, full-scale game now.

There’s still no release date, however, but we do get the impression it won’t be too far away. This will likely be the crown jewel in Sony’s China Hero Project, which has seen it nurture several critically acclaimed titles to release already, including FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch and Anno Mutationem.

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