Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Sales

Unless a game is breaking records, it's quite rare that we get direct sales data from publishers — and Square Enix in particular is somewhat notorious for this. As such, interested parties usually have little choice but to try and determine commercial success through other means.

One way to do this is to look at player tracking data — and that's exactly what entertainment analysis firm Ampere has been doing for recent PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Square Enix has yet to provide any concrete information on how well Rebirth has sold, but PS5 daily active user data suggests that it's surpassed at least 2 million copies since its launch on the 29th February.

So, how does that compare to other big budget Final Fantasy games released over recent years? Well, for starters, Final Fantasy 7 Remake — the original PS4 version, and Rebirth's predecessor — managed 3.5 million sales in just three days.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 16 — which had Square Enix sending mixed messages with regards to its success versus the publisher's expectations — sold 3 million at launch. Like Rebirth, it was also a PS5 exclusive.

Again, going by the player data, it seems as though Rebirth hasn't been able to match previous Final Fantasy titles. But, it's important to remember that direct sequels often struggle to keep pace — especially when prior instalments have proven to be popular. After all, not everyone who bought Remake will have enjoyed it, and so a decline in sequel sales would naturally make sense.

Still, at least 2 million sales is nothing to sniff at — but it does make you wonder whether Rebirth will have met Square Enix's infamously high expectations.

What do you make of this? Did you ever expect Rebirth to sell like crazy? Watch where you're swinging that buster sword in the comments section below.