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As the end of the current phase of Destiny 2 draws to a close, with The Final Shape out in just a month and a change, it really does seem like Bungie is putting it all on the line. A new faction, the first in years, will be introduced, as will the ability to mix and match subclass powers. Now, the developer has announced that it will do away with Power limits, deeming them incompatible with Fireteam Power.

Bungie announced the news in its weekly blog post, admitting that changes needed to be made: "As we close out the Light and Darkness saga, we want to rally all Guardians (active, returning, and new) to help fight the Witness, and there is no better way to play Destiny than with your fireteam. As we pursued this goal, it became apparent that Power limits were fundamentally incompatible with Fireteam Power.”

As IGN reminds us, a few years back, Bungie announced they'd make older weapons in Destiny 2 essentially obsolete by imposing a maximum Power limit. While some saw this as an invalidation of their previous efforts, others saw it as the only real way to combat power creep, which is always a concern in a game that's been around as long as Destiny.

Continuing, Bungie explains that by this point, many players may have already dismantled Power-limited items, but that it plans to reintroduce them in the future: "We regret that we have no recovery mechanism for these. Going forward, we intend to reintroduce sources for most or all of these, updated to modern Destiny sandbox standards with added properties such as Origin Traits and build crafting perks (as we have started to do with the BRAVE arsenal in Destiny 2: Into the Light)."

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