Destiny 2 players were treated to several welcome surprises during Bungie's The Final Shape developer gameplay preview, which seems to have injected the community with some much-needed hype. The first new faction the game has seen in years has been revealed, along with the Prismatic subclass, which will allow Guardians to mix and match the powers of Light and Darkness.

Slated for a June 4th release, The Final Shape will introduce The Dread, another faction with which to contend. So far, we've glimpsed flying bats with guns called Grim, acrobatic brawlers called Husk, and Weavers and Attendants, who will use Strand and Stasis powers, respectively, to confound and confuse.

Regarding the Prismatic subclass, The Final Shape's project lead, Catarina Macedo, said: "We're like, 'We really need this in The Final Shape. This is the ultimate form of being a Guardian to wield Light and Darkness at the same time. We built Prismatic to be exactly that.'"

Do these revelations increase your anticipation for The Final Shape? Are you up to date on your lore or entirely lost at this point? Let us know in the comments section below.