Stellar Blade Dev Shift Up to Secure the Bag As It Plots Public Shares 1
Image: Push Square

Shift Up may be about to make its console debut with PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade, but the developer already has a behemoth gacha in its back pocket in the form of the saucy third-person shooter, NIKKE: Goddess of Victory. Unsurprisingly, then, it’s about to be rolling in cash as it plans to take its company public via the Korean Stock Exchange.

The firm filed an application back on 5th March, with its valuation expected to top ₩3 trillion (~$2.3 billion) following the sale of its public shares. You didn’t misread any of the numbers there, by the way: that’s approximately $2.3 billion with a ‘B’. Analysts believe the ongoing popularity of its aforementioned gacha as well as the upcoming Stellar Blade will attract significant interest.

The amazing thing is Shift Up is only a little over a decade old, having been founded in 2013. Sales in NIKKE: Goddess of Victory regularly top Sensor Tower reports, which has prompted multiple rounds of investment from Chinese juggernaut Tencent. Assuming Stellar Blade reviews as well as expected, it looks like the future is incredibly bright for Shift Up overall.

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