Xbox Has Allegedly Insisted It Won't Stop Making Consoles, As PS5 Port Rumours Mount 1
Image: Push Square

No one really expects Microsoft to suddenly step out of the hardware race, but it’s been a hellish week for the Redmond firm, where rumours have swirled with reckless abandon. All the way back on Monday – which feels like an eternity ago now – boss Phil Spencer announced it’d share news about its console strategy the following week, without confirming or denying any of the speculation.

So far, several Xbox exclusive titles have been connected to the PS5, including Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, Starfield, and more. In the case of Tango Gameworks’ rhythm brawler, the speculation is strong; in other instances, rumourmongers are merely claiming that the releases are being “considered” for Sony’s system, and a decision is yet to be made.

Despite all the rumours, and Microsoft’s reluctance to deny any of them, nobody appears to know the truth. However, one tidbit reported by journalist Shannon Liao claims Spencer addressed employees as part of an internal townhall meeting earlier this week, and stressed the firm has “no plans” to stop making consoles. It will, however, support “multiple kinds of devices”.

Again, exactly what “multiple kinds of devices” actually entails remains unclear until the company comments further. It’s been reported that Microsoft has ordered a significant number of PS5 devkits to support its new multiformat ambitions, but until it tells us which titles we can and cannot expect on PlayStation, it’s all just speculation.

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