Microsoft Has Apparently Been Stocking Up on PS5 Devkits as Xbox Pivots 1
Image: Push Square

While an enormous amount of attention has been placed on the games Microsoft is potentially bringing to PlayStation, reports also suggest the tech titan has been quietly stocking up on PS5 devkits to support its plans. Speculation comes courtesy of fan site Xbox Era, which broke the news Starfield may be coming to Sony’s system later this year. This article kickstarted a landslide of stories, which has also seen Indiana Jones and Gears of War conversions touted.

Microsoft will have already owned plenty of PS5 devkits, of course, as its output already includes fully multiformat titles like Minecraft. However, the fact that it’s been making additional investment into more of Sony’s hardware simply adds further fuel to the fire of its impending pivot.

Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, announced overnight that his company is plotting a “business update event” next week, where all of the details should be ironed out. It’s important to underline that the executive did not actually outright deny anything, and therefore we suspect a lot the speculation has been confirmed by his omission. Nevertheless, we still need to hear the full extent of the firm’s plans.