Microsoft Employee Inadvertently Adds More Fuel to the Xbox Multiplatform Fire 1

The Internet is extremely unforgiving. Whatever you put on it will be preserved in some fashion, for better or worse, and it's a lesson still being learned in the year 2024. Case in point: the LinkedIn page of a Microsoft employee, who may have added yet more evidence to the heavily rumoured move from Xbox to publish its games on other consoles.

Cary Chen is Microsoft's director of game content in Asia, and the recent role change has seen him update his LinkedIn. However, he may have over-shared what his job involves; it previously said the portfolio range of games he looks after includes "Xbox Game Studios, Activision, Blizzard, Zenimax and Bethesda across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and Mobile". This has since been amended to remove mention of platforms entirely.

The original statement has, however, been screenshotted for all to see:

With Phil Spencer announcing that a business update about Xbox is inbound next week, this just goes another step further to confirming what seems undeniable at this point — that a selection of Xbox titles are coming to other systems. Curiouser and curiouser!

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