Starfield PS5

Starfield, the Bethesda RPG that released last year as an Xbox console excusive, is apparently being readied for PS5. As reported by XboxEra, the spacefaring title will arrive on Sony's current-gen console alongside its Shattered Space expansion, which is expected to launch at some point this year. What's more, according to the site's sources, Microsoft has started to invest in PS5 development kits, which, if true, certainly adds fuel to the fire.

Of course, if you've been keeping up with the most recent rumours, then you'll know Starfield isn't the only Xbox game that's supposedly jumping to PS5. Evidence is really starting to mount for a Hi-Fi Rush port, and Sea of Thieves is being whispered about as well.

This fresh report on Starfield goes on to say that, at least internally, Microsoft is split on the decision to ship its exclusive Xbox games to rival platforms. It's said that, ultimately, the company's pursuit of profit has pushed this outcome — there's simply money to be made by releasing games on an incredibly popular console like the PS5.

Supposedly, Microsoft will soon make some kind of announcement regarding this shift in strategy — so it shouldn't be long until we learn whether there's any truth to all of these reports and rumours.

Until then, though, how would you feel about Xbox titles like Starfield coming to PS5? Raise an eyebrow in the comments section below.

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