Hi-Fi Rush

The rhythmic action game Hi-Fi Rush, developed by Tango, published by Bethesda, and seemingly an Xbox exclusive, appears all but certain to be released on PS5. Dataminers continue to unearth additional evidence, and the latest indication is a series of T-shirt textures seemingly meant to celebrate the game's upcoming anniversary, and the images indicate a multiplatform launch.

Rumours began swirling in early January after the title was rated for PS4 and Nintendo in Australia. However, that filing was considered outdated, which might explain why the last-gen version appears to have been dropped. However, the datamined images that have surfaced in recent hours seem far more concrete, verified by The Verge's senior editor, Tom Warren, a trusted source for Microsoft news.

This is fantastic news for envious PlayStation players, as we have it on great authority that Hi-Fi Rush is excellent, with our sister site Pure Xbox awarding it 9/10. Check out the video version of that review below for an idea of the musical madness that awaits.

What do you think? Are you prepared to believe? How do you feel about Hi-Fi Rush, and would you check it out if/when it comes to PlayStation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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