Sea of Thieves Xbox

Off the back of speculation suggesting Microsoft exclusive Hi-Fi Rush could be ported to Nintendo Switch — and maybe even PS5 also — Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Grubb has claimed Sea of Thieves from Rare might also be jumping ship to Sony's system. Speaking on his daily Game Mess Mornings show, Grubb explained he assumed the first suggestions of Xbox games coming to other systems were about Sea of Thieves, as that is what sources had told him was happening.

He speculates this may be part of Microsoft having a "rejigger of its strategy" and that "all of this stuff is happening". Hi-Fi Rush received a very positive response upon its surprise launch around this time last year for Xbox Series X|S, while Sea of Thieves was rocky at first, but has since been updated substantially with new content — some themed Pirates of the Caribbean and Monkey Island.

When discussing the claims of Hi-Fi Rush on new platforms, Windows Central reported it's heard from "very trusted, proven sources that Microsoft has been exploring bringing some of its back catalogue to other platforms". According to Jeff Grubb, a Sea of Thieves port is also being explored.

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