Our Twitter Timeline Is All Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on PS5 Right Now 1
Image: Push Square

We’ve already established Sony’s marketing for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is on fire right now, and those stellar reviews are playing a part. But respectfully, early footage of the remake’s Costa del Sol cutscenes may be doing most of the heavy lifting – especially when you consider just how much Tifa is popping up in our Twitter timeline. Or, sigh, X timeline – whatever it’s calling itself these days.

Enthusiasts are having an insane amount of fun riffing on the iconic heroine’s swimwear, and honestly, it’s all we’ve been seeing these past few days. We feel a little bit like The Weeknd in that amusing Super Bowl meme:

Not even the trailer for Elden Ring’s enormously anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree add-on could overcome screenshots of Tifa’s abs or clips of her doing sit-ups:

This is, quite simply, the best bit of marketing Square Enix could have prepared for the game – even better than that enormous Buster Sword billboard made up of DualSense controllers in Birmingham, UK. Hopefully Tekken 8 bigwig Katsuhiro Harada is paying attention, because if Tifa does make it into the fighter’s latest as a guest character, she needs to come with her swimsuit as a costume option.

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