Final Fantasy 7's Tifa in Tekken 8? Harada Wants You All to Chill Out 1
Image: Push Square

There have been Final Fantasy characters in Tekken previously, most notably Noctis from Final Fantasy 15 in Tekken 7. But what fans really want is Final Fantasy 7’s well-endowed Tifa Lockhart to be added to the roster of the latest instalment – and director Katsuhiro Harada has heard your suggestions. In fact, the campaign for the character’s addition has been so rabid that the sunglassed developer has taken to social media to address it.

“We all know she is attractive and I understand that,” he said of the brawling bartender. “But as yet we have not decided anything about guest characters, etc.”

Tekken 8 has an impressive 32-character roster at launch, but it’s already plotting the addition of Eddy Gordo, and the fighting game franchise’s previous entry had an incredible four seasons of content, so there could be plenty of opportunities to add Tifa. We reckon she’d actually fit the franchise well, too, because she relies on her (iron) fists for combat in Final Fantasy 7.

Obviously, Tifa is about to be thrust back into the limelight in next month’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, so this is one team-up we could actually envisage happening. The question is: would you like the Seventh Heaven manager to join the party?