Give the top brass at PlayStation’s marketing team a tentpole title to promote, and they’ll generally deliver. Marketing is well underway for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth right now, the next major PS5 console exclusive from Square Enix. And already we’re seeing some pretty impressive promotional efforts right around the world, with the UK yet again turning in an incredible campaign.

The firm’s set up an enormous billboard in Birmingham featuring Cloud and the PS5’s branding, but the big twist is that the protagonist’s iconic Buster Sword is made up of dozens of silver and purple DualSense controllers, all encased behind a giant plastic screen. The effect is seriously impressive: from afar, it looks like the steel of the spiky-haired hero’s blade, but up close you can see the detail of each individual device.

Even cooler is that Square Enix is running a sweepstakes, with each winner securing one of the peripherals used to make up the mural. As you’d expect, this promotion has already gone viral, and it’s another example of the innovation coming out of PlayStation’s marketing department. It rarely ever disappoints when there’s a big PS5 title on the way!

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