Stellar Blade PS5 PlayStation

Upcoming PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade has been given an adults-only rating in Korea, where developer Shift Up is located. Considering the attention-grabbing headlines the game has been generating, it should come as no surprise this is due to apparent (or suggested) nudity and extreme violence.

There is no word yet on how Western bodies like PEGI and ESRB will rate the game, but we'd wager it'll align with this initial ruling. According to the Korean outlet This is Game, protagonist Eve appears to be naked while wearing specific costumes, and the violence depicted shows mutilation with plenty of blood. Cool!

Stellar Blade is due out on PS5 on 26th April and proudly pays homage to legendary Japanese action games that similarly feature scantily clad women as protagonists, like NieR: Automata and Bayonetta. Both of those series' found fervent, fiercely protective followings in the West; we're willing to go out on a ledge and predict that Stellar Blade will likely be a hit with fans of those games and for similar reasons.

Are you surprised at Stellar Blade securing its first, and likely not its last, adults-only rating? Are you planning on playing from a safely secure location so as not to be disturbed? Explain your motivations in the comments section below.

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