A chunk of Stellar Blade’s online discourse has revolved around the PS5 exclusive release’s buxom protagonist Eve, with social media scuttlebutt suggesting the character is based on real-life South Korean model Shin Jae-eun. We’ve been searching for confirmation of the Instagram star’s inclusion for several weeks now, and so we went directly to the source, asking Game Director Hyung-Tae Kim if the rumours are true.

“Yes, we did base the character of Eve on the model Shin Jae-eun,” he confirmed. “We thought that her body shape would be a good reference for the character that we were pursuing. But the face was created originally in-house – it’s just the body of the model that we scanned for the game.”

Asked why the team settled on Jae-eun as the game’s model, Kim elaborated: “Of course it depends on how you define beautiful bodies, but for us we wanted to come up with the most attractive looking body for the user, so this is why we made the decision to work with her.”

Shift Up is, of course, known for its smartphone sensation NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, which is one of the biggest mobile games in Asia. For those who don’t know, the third-person shooter gacha features a variety of different anime-style ladies in all manner of eye-catching outfits, many of which leave little to the imagination.

On that note, Kim told us that there’ll be around 30 different costumes to unlock for Eve in Stellar Blade, all of which will be obtainable through gameplay in the game. You’ll earn some by completing quests, while others can be purchased from an in-universe shop using virtual currency. The developer stressed that none of these outfits will require additional purchases, and all are included within the game.