PS1 Racer Jet Moto 2 Brings High-Octane Thrills and Spills to PS5, PS4 with PS Plus Premium 1

Sony’s continuing to bring a hearty helping of emulated classics to PS5 and PS4 courtesy of its PS Plus Premium subscription, and alongside Resistance Retribution, it’ll be adding Jet Moto 2 from 20th February. The original game in the SingleTrac series is already available on the Japanese giant’s contemporary consoles, but this sequel is much more ambitious, with zanier course designs including an active volcano and a dilapidated American city.

For those not familiar with the Jet Moto games, it’s a little bit like Wave Race, except you divide your time between cutting through water and hovering above roads. As an arcade racer from the 32-bit era, the controls can be a bit finnicky, but there’s a lot to like here if you’re a fan of the genre, and we especially enjoy the extreme sports angle the outing adopts. Obviously, we’re eager to see Sony emulate more of its catalogue, but next week’s update is at least a strong showing.

[source News: 13 More Games Coming to PS Plus Extra, Premium This Month]