Cult Spin-Off Resistance Retribution Is Coming to PS5, PS4 with PS Plus Premium 1

Days Gone developer Bend Studio’s awesome third-person shooter Resistance Retribution is coming to PS5 and PS4 as part of PS Plus Premium from 20th February, 2024. The excellent PSP game, which introduces British protagonist Lieutenant James Grayson and is set in Paris, first launched in 2009 on Sony’s handheld, where it attracted a strong fanbase and garnered cult status.

Like all of Sony’s emulated classics, this re-release will feature save states, rewind, and enhanced visuals; it should also allow you to map the camera controls to the right analogue stick, as in the original game you had to move your crosshairs using the face buttons due to the PSP’s lack of a second nub.

We really liked the game when we reviewed it almost 15 years ago: “The Resistance franchise returns emphatically, this time on the PSP. Resistance Retribution offers splendid visuals, cohesive storytelling and likable characters, all within a package that fits inside your pocket.” Obviously ignore that part about it fitting inside your pocket for this console port, eh?

The game will almost certainly come with Trophies, too, as Sony’s been pretty good at patching them into these old games. However, it’ll likely lack the original’s online multiplayer mode, which had its servers shutdown many years ago. Hopefully this kickstarts a bit of a Resistance renaissance, however, as we’ve had a hankering for the Insomniac alternate-history shooter for some time.

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