Helldivers 2 PS5 Trophies Will Have You Doing Your Part for the Platinum 1
Image: Push Square

Helldivers 2 is only a couple of days away at the time of writing, and it's looking more and more promising the closer we get. The third-person co-op shooter has players working as a team to eliminate alien threats using an array of powerful weaponry. It looks like it should scratch that mindless shooting-stuff itch, and you can work towards your next Platinum while you're busy stomping bugs. The full Trophy list has now appeared online, and it looks like a potentially tough but fun set of trinkets.

Things start out very basic; you'll get Trophies for completing the tutorial and for playing your first Bug mission and first Bot mission. After that, there are some Trophies all about racking up enemy kills; you need to kill 150 enemies in a single mission, and kill more than 5,000 overall. There are also some quite specific achievements, such as throwing back a live grenade, knocking yourself into ragdoll while using a jump pack, and killing a Charger with a resupply pod.

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As you might expect, some Trophies relate to stratagems and using them in particular ways. For example, you need to kill 25 enemies with one stratagem, while another Trophy will pop if you and your team use six orbital barrages in the same place at the same time. As well as needing to play a certain number of missions, the hardest Trophies are things like completing an Extreme difficulty mission with no one dying, or beating a Hard mission with nobody firing their primary or support weapons at all.

Lots of fun little skill challenges, then, which is arguably how Trophy lists should be.

We recently went hands on with the game and came away impressed with what we played:

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