Helldivers 2 PS5 PC

Just like many other multiplayer experiences on the market, Helldivers 2 will be supported long past its PS5 launch with new content to play and items to earn. However, Arrowhead Studios is not simply producing fixed content drops it can plan for months down the line; rather, it sees itself as a D&D game master that will react to the actions of its playerbase.

Across its selection of missions accessible from the war table aboard your spaceship, there will be meters tracking how well the community is doing in its efforts to push back the Terminids and the Automatons in real-time. Using these, the developer will be able to continue its story post-launch as the second Galactic War progresses. In an interview with Push Square, assistant game director Sagar Beroshi shares how this push and pull can lead to new missions popping up in-game.

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"There is new and extra content in the game to be uncovered if players shift the galactic territorial game in a certain way that works for them. So we have a game master system that is staffed by human beings and by tools and systems that are there to respond to player-to-player behaviour." Beroshi then offers the example of the human race liberating a whole planet ā€” "let's see what the enemies will do in response," he adds. "Just like a game master would in a tabletop game, right?"

Alongside its evolving post-launch narrative, Helldivers 2 will be continually updated with new items and cosmetic pieces to unlock. Some can be earned through natural gameplay while others may require the premium currency, but Beroshi assures Arrowhead Studios is trying to be as "generous" as possible with the system. "We are trying to model a different type of live service than what we've seen before."

All of the items added to the game will remain there for eternity; they won't be rotated out after a while. You'll spend medals to unlock a lot of them ā€” which are earned in-game and are generous on the mission complete screen ā€” and then they're yours to keep. "The depth of tools with which you can approach problems in the game just keeps expanding. And we want it to be as generous as possible because this is the type of thing that we would want as players. We would want there to be more and more ways to do the most fun things in the game, right? So there are lots of different types of things you can unlock and you can grow towards."

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