Helldivers 2 PS5 PC

Probably the biggest change Helldivers 2 makes compared to the PS4 original is its camera perspective. Replacing the top-down view is an over-the-shoulder, third-person camera in the PS5, PC sequel, and this is designed to help you "feel more immersed in the experience". Speaking to assistant game director Sagar Beroshi, we're told Helldivers 2 is quite a "changed experience" as a change in camera angle allows Arrowhead Studios to craft a different type of game.

Beroshi said: "We have a handful of core design pillars. One of them, inside of the game, is to make you feel like a lowly grunt that has been given access to insane firepower in a crazy totalitarian system, and is being pointed at a series of enemies. That's the in-universe model. The model outside of the universe, the sort of design goal, is for you to be able to play a game with friends that is full of crazy fun chaos."

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He then goes on to explain that bringing the camera in close and placing it behind your shoulder allows you to better experience both those "in-universe" and "out-of-universe" models. "It enhances your ability to feel like you're a regular soldier, the fact that you have to do a reload manually, the fact that there are certain weapons that two people work on together."

Given this is such a dramatic change for the series, Beroshi stresses the original Helldivers still has its place. "I would hope that the first game continues to live on while this one comes through. We just hope that those players are willing to test out this game, play it and be invited into this experience and see if they like it."

Do you like the new camera perspective for Helldivers 2, or do you prefer the original? Let us know in the comments below.