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Helldivers 2 is proving to be a rousing success for developer Arrowhead Game Studios, but the chaotic cooperative shooter's launch has been marred by some persistent bugs (pardon the pun) and recurring issues; the good news is the recently deployed patch on PS5 and increased server capacity should help with matchmaking, but unfortunately, instances of players not being adequately rewarded for their in-game efforts looks to persist, at least for the foreseeable future.

Game director Johan Pilestedt took to Twitter after the game returned online following scheduled maintenance. Still, when issues persisted, he penned a message to the Helldivers community, thanking them for their patience. Arrowhead has succeeded in significantly expanding server capacity and the rate at which large numbers of players can connect to the game, which should mean less time looking at that dreaded message, "failed to connect to server".

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Unfortunately, a nasty issue that sees Helldivers go unrewarded for their heroic efforts continues, having been mitigated but unresolved, requiring additional server downtime. High server traffic was causing some rewards to get lost in the ether and not being correctly applied to the player. Pilestedt again apologised and suggested restarting the game when this occurred. Taking a few hours to get some rest, he promises the studio (who have no doubt been working through the weekend) will get back to work on it as soon as reasonably possible.

How has your Helldivers 2 experience been? Are you getting a few matches in? What about missing rewards? Has the issue affected you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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