Helldivers 2 PS5 PlayStation

Helldivers 2 experienced a somewhat chaotic descent from high orbit, deploying onto PS5 and PC simultaneously and paying for it, with players experiencing matchmaking issues and unable to link up with their comrades. Thankfully, developer Arrowhead is doing its part to keep the intergalactic war effort going. Confirmation of a hotfix has been received and is expected imminently on PS5, having already been deployed on PC.

While the game's initial push faltered somewhat under the strain, the great news is that the Swedish developer's smash hit is delightful at its core. Once these teething issues are sorted out, this humble scribe thinks Sony might finally have a solid, compelling shooter foundation to build upon. We'll be fascinated to see how the community takes to the Warbonds progression system, which seems a refreshing change of pace from the usual service fare.

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Have you managed to get in a few games of Helldivers 2? How's your experience been so far? Are you doing your part? Let us know in the comments section below.

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