Helldivers 2 Is Now Comfortably Sony's Biggest Ever PC Launch 1
Image: Push Square

We’ve got to be honest: this wasn’t on our bingo card for 2024 at all. Helldivers 2 has blown up big time, and it continues to climb the Steam most played charts, now peaking at almost 120k concurrent players – with presumably bigger numbers to follow as the weekend goes on. This means it’s now PlayStation’s biggest-ever PC launch, outperforming even God of War.

Of course, there’s a key qualifier to consider here: namely, this is a rare day-and-date release on PC from PS Studios, while God of War was ported several years later. Sony’s said that it’s not going to abandon console exclusivity, but it has suggested live service titles – like Helldivers 2 – will likely launch on PC at the same time as PS5. The strategy appears to be working as intended in this instance.

Despite some teething troubles for the title, feedback on the Arrowhead developed outing has been overwhelmingly positive, with our review set to follow as soon as we’ve properly put the release through its paces. Are you one of the many people playing Helldivers 2 this weekend, and what are your thoughts thus far? Squash us like bugs in the comments section below.

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