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With the industry as volatile as it is, publishers and developers must find new ways to monetise and offer value to their players to keep them coming back. Released on Friday, Helldivers 2 from developer Arrowhead Studios had a massive weekend, doing things slightly differently from its competitors in the service space, which might be part of the reason for its success.

On Twitter, creative director Johan Pilestedt had an interesting take on the subject, suggesting that "you have to earn the right to monetise", which is one of the key differences when it comes to the chaotic cooperative shooter; people are free to support the game if they like it, but "we are never forcing anyone to do so". While there are microtransactions in Helldivers 2 in the form of Super Credits, players can pick this premium currency up while playing or unlock more through the Warbonds progression system. Further, unlockable weapons or cosmetics won't be seasonally locked, and players are free to work through them at their leisure.

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Helldivers 2 is looking to be a significant success for Sony, and as both a solid service game and a compelling shooter, it's something PlayStation players have been screaming out for. There are still some unfortunate server-side issues to work through. Still, once the strain of the launch settles down, we could see ourselves returning to Arrowhead's long into the future, especially if the developer's ambitious roadmap pans out.

Did you have the chance to check out Helldivers 2? What are your thoughts? Were you able to survive the insectoid onslaught? Let us know in the comments section below.

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