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Warner Bros. captured magic in a bottle with Hogwart Legacy, and the open world action RPG dominated sales charts all year. It conjured an impressive 22 million copies sold, making it the year's best-selling game. Such a momentous expenditure of energy could not go unnoticed, and it should come as no surprise that this success would spawn a "series of other things", games we can expect somewhere down the line.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president David Haddad recently spoke to Variety about the success of Hogwarts Legacy, indicating that Potterheads will be eating well in the years to come. There's the promising-looking Quidditch game, revealed in April, to look forward to. Still, Haddad didn't give away much, stating: "We don't have any particular announcements on exactly how and when [the Quidditch game] is going to come to the market, but we are working to get it designed in a way just to delight fans."

Potentially more intriguing, though, is a series of mysterious Potterverse projects planned for the future. What form they take remains to be seen; Haddad teases that they "will let the fans be part of this world and stories and characters in deeper and deeper ways."

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