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Earlier in the year, a standalone multiplayer game inspired by Harry Potter’s fictional broom-based sport Quidditch was announced, although there was confusion over the scope of the project. With no specific platforms attached – just a vague promise of PC and consoles – many felt that it could be a cheap cash-in designed to make bank off the wizarding world.

But with a closed beta currently taking place, it was only a matter of time before some gameplay leaked – and footage has started to surface online. While we’re not going to reproduce the videos here for obvious reasons – or even link to them due to the strict NDA in place – we’re quite buoyed by what we’ve seen.

Looking at the gameplay that’s circulating, you’re able to customise your own character, selecting their appearance, broom trails, goal celebrations, and much more. The gameplay itself does strike us as quite complicated – Quidditch isn’t exactly straightforward at the best of times – but visually it looks clean, and it seems like developer Unbroken Studios has tried to remain as faithful as possible.

We reckon it’s pretty clear Warner Bros is hoping for a Rocket League-style hit here, and given the sheer scale of the customisation seemingly available, we wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being free-to-play. Obviously it’s been a long time since the last full-scale Quidditch game – PS2, to be precise – so we have high hopes this can follow-up on Hogwarts Legacy’s success and be another hit.