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The saga of The Day Before has been a bizarre one, and we thought it was finally over. That was until developer Fntastic briefly resurfaced in recent hours to post a strangely conspiratorial press release, blaming the game's failure on the haters.

The studio posted the message to Twitter, alluding to "certain bloggers" that triggered a "gold rush" of dunks, with content creators racing to publish their takes, ultimately leading to the game's downfall. The statement blames "misinformation" from "supposedly anonymous sources" (presumably this one) and provides answers to questions no one was asking.

On the question of who, if anyone, actually made money from the project, Fntastic claims that "certain bloggers" made vast sums of cash thanks to the resultant views and followers gained by all the negative attention. At one point, the statement asks: "Remember the experiment where you're asked to count pink objects in a room and then recall the blue ones? You won't remember any. It's all about focus. The negative bias instilled by certain bloggers making money on hate affected perceptions of the game."

It goes on to describe how, actually, the final game delivered on everything that trailers promised (except bringing the game to PS5), that the project represented five years of hard, honest work, and points to popular streamer DrDisrespect as an example of fair and unbiased coverage of gameplay.

Fntastic repeatedly overpromised, all the way up until launch, where the situation quickly devolved. The studio soon dipped, dodging criticism and closing up shop after just days, directing customers towards publisher Mytona for refunds. The game was a flop and would ultimately be removed from Steam, with servers closed just 45 days after launch, with every player who purchased the game entitled to a refund.

What do you think of Fntastic's statement? Do you think it's the bloggers who are to blame? Post your own takes in the comments section below.

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