The Day Before PS5 PlayStation

The Day Before entered into Early Access on this, the precipice of The Game Awards, and it's going about as well as expected. Announced for an eventual PS5 release, critics and players are already tearing it apart. At the time of this writing, the game has amassed thousands of unhappy user reviews, resulting in an Overwhelmingly Negative score mere hours after launch.

Buggy, poorly optimised, and accused of being a scam, The Day Before was billed as being a survival MMO and instead appears to be more of an extraction shooter with survival elements. Players quickly realised the game's zombies posed very little threat, and servers began to buckle soon after.

Incredibly, despite concerns we've been raising all year, The Day Before almost managed to crack 40,000 concurrent players at launch at £30 / $40 a pop. Of course, Steam has a famously forgiving refund policy (something we wish PlayStation would learn from in their ongoing dealings with Valve), and we'd imagine many of that number will want their money back.

If The Day Before ever makes its way to PlayStation, buyer beware. Developer Fntastic may put in the hard yards to make the project a viable product, but we wouldn't bet on it. Let us know your thoughts on the entire affair in the comments section below.

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