Heroically deploying from high-orbit, Helldivers 2 is inbound for an 8th February release on both PS5 and PC (earlier reports of a 28th February deployment should be considered defeatist propaganda). In a rousing piece of promotional media, crossplay was confirmed between PS5 and PC, ensuring a steady stream of new recruits for the ongoing struggle.

On the PlayStation Blog, developer Arrowhead confirmed the happy news, as well as detailng the PC specs required to run the game. We get to see some new gameplay as well, which has us more fired up than ever to deploy into some of the most lawless worlds in the galaxy. If you want a better look at combat and gameplay, check out this earlier trailer.

Are you excited to squad up with your PC brethren in Helldivers 2? Will you be scheduling some spicy hot drops? Let us know in the comments section below.

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