Helldivers 2 May Have Been Delayed on PS5 by a Few Weeks 1
Image: Push Square

Update: Updated marketing material from PlayStation strongly suggests that Helldivers 2 is still releasing on the 8th February. Last night, a trailer from CES 2024 contained small print that seemed to confirm a delay, but it looks like that was just a typo (unless the new date has actually been leaked, but that seems unlikely at this point).

With Helldivers 2 dropping in just under a month, we should be seeing a lot more of the co-op shooter very soon.

Original Story: Anticipated shooter sequel Helldivers 2 is officially due out on 8th February – heck, Sony even tweeted about it earlier this week. But as part of a PlayStation trailer during its CES 2024 press conference overnight, the company appeared to confirm a small delay. As part of a montage, the Arrowhead Studios developed outing was listed as “available 28th February, 2024”.

Now it’s possible whoever edited the trailer made an error here, but we’ll still check with the platform holder to find out for sure. Obviously, this new date would put it right alongside Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and while we can’t imagine there’s too much crossover between intended audiences, your PS5’s probably going to get a workout that week if the delay is accurate.

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