Update: Well, we suppose this is Sony in 2023, folks! Several hours after publishing a PS Blog post with gameplay details, the platform holder has now followed it up with a Helldivers 2 trailer. Why they couldn’t release together is a mystery!

Anyway, this game looks good – real good. It’s got that chaotic third-person co-op flavour to it, and Arrowhead has seriously upped the production values – this is stunning stuff! The game’s due out later this year, and is shaping up to be one to keep an eye on – especially if you like tactical shooters that require team-based coordination.

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Original Article: Outside of the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the upcoming Helldivers sequel is one of the few PS5 console exclusives from Sony on the horizon. And today community manager Katherine Baskin has ordered a tactical supply drop on the PS Blog, digging into a few more co-op and combat focused details pertaining to the 2023 release.

Baskin explains: “Creating your loadout feels like part of the mission prep; changing your weapon to suit not only your appetite for destruction but the mission and enemy types you might encounter. Your greatest aids as a Helldiver are stratagems: powerful tools that can be summoned with short button combinations. Everything from airstrikes to Hellpods containing bigger, badder weapons to defensive gear and extra supplies are at your fingertips.”

Developer Arrowhead is emphasising co-operation, so the stratagems you select will need to be carefully coordinated in order to complement each other and ensure success in the field. “While one Helldiver is handling the heavy fire, another Helldiver can call down a shield generator to protect teammates as the enemies push back,” Baskin says. “In a four-person team, you’ll be able to select a mix of stratagems and weapons that will lead to a unique victory every time.”

It sounds like the developer wants you to find your own personal playstyle, whether it’s an all-out guns blazing approach or a more reserved sniping from distance tactic. Regardless of strategy, you’ll need to have your squad’s back at all times: “It’s your team’s priority to use a Reinforce stratagem [when a teammate dies] to call your brand new Helldiver down to the planet to pick up right where you left off. You can even grab the guns your previous corpse left behind.”

This is shaping up to be a much denser version of the original, which was a very popular game on PS4, PS3, and even PS Vita. The sequel’s been a long time coming, but we’re fairly confident it’s going to deliver – and then some!

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