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Grand Theft Auto V voice actor Ned Luke is a big fan of Lucia's vibe, one of two playable protagonists in Rockstar's hotly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI. Luke, who portrayed Michael in GTA V, called the inclusion "huge" for the series, pushing back on "clowns" who insist the series has somehow gone woke for including the character.

In an interview with IGN as a part of its ongoing GTFM video series, Luke put his thoughts on the December reveal into words: "Lucia's hard, man. In the trailer, she looked good."

Addressing the reaction to the character amongst a small but vocal part of the audience, he continued: "You get a lot of these clowns out here going, 'Rockstar's going woke, they're caving into the wokeness of the world'. First of all, there's been other female protagonists in the past, but not in something as huge as this."

There have, of course, been other female protagonists in the GTA series, but Luke is correct in that the size of the GTA series audience is now larger by several orders of magnitude. GTA VI will likely be the biggest game ever made (commercially speaking), a stunning technical feat, and a benchmark for the future; if the inclusion of a playable female character is enough to put you off, then more fool you.

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