Update: Just minutes after the trailer leaked, Rockstar Games has gone and officially posted the trailer itself. So, here it is: GTA 6 releases in 2025. Catch the reveal trailer above.

Original article: Ahead of one of the biggest gaming trailer drops of the PS5 generation, the Grand Theft Auto 6 teaser trailer has been leaked online. We won't be sharing the clip here on Push Square, but it's already very easy to find if you search for it on Twitter. Having viewed the footage — and if it's accurate — the game is indeed called Grand Theft Auto VI, and it's been handed a 2025 window.

The trailer begins with traffic shots as the sun sets over what very much looks to be a Miami setting, and then it cuts to one of the widely rumoured main characters in prison. The footage is of a lesser quality than Rockstar Games would publish itself — so the real thing will look much better — but we then see shots of the beach, lots of highways and cars, and character interactions in nightclubs. There are also clips taken from in-game social media posts, then it ends with a robbery. Shortly after posting the alleged trailer online, the Twitter account was banned.

The official trailer will be posted within the next 24 hours — this leak has an ugly Bitcoin advert plastered over it — so all will be confirmed in the near future. How do you feel about GTA 6 in 2025? Let us know in the comments below.