Death Stranding 2 Practically Confirmed for State of Play as Hideo Kojima Hypes Stream 1

It’s been strongly rumoured in the past few days, but it looks like Death Stranding 2 will feature during this week’s State of Play livestream. While not explicitly mentioned in Sony’s announcement post, Hideo Kojima has taken to Instagram to hype up the event, which suggests the hotly anticipated sequel will appear at some point during the 40-minute presentation.

Last year, the auteur was spotted editing a trailer which appeared to allude to some kind of State of Play appearance, although this never actually occurred. Then last week, reliable rumourmongers in France said an update is imminent, and teased the title’s subheading, On the Beach. That’s also the name of a 1959 movie starring Fred Astaire which Kojima has tweeted about in the past, by the way.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be one helluva show. You can find out more information, like When Is PlayStation’s State of Play, through the link.