State of Play Death Stranding 2 Rumour
Image: Push Square

Sony will host a new State of Play in the relatively near future — or so fresh findings on Reddit would have you believe. Eagle-eyed users are referencing a photo from Hideo Kojima's personal assistant (posted today, the 27th September), which shows the director sat at a desk, editing footage of some kind.

Now, here's where it gets a bit speculative (but at least believable). Kojima appears to be cutting a trailer for Death Stranding 2, and if you really squint, the file name seems to read 'State_of_Play', followed by 'DS2_trailer', or something of that nature. We tried to enhance the image to the best of our abilities, but it's unfortunately just a bit too blurry to be used as conclusive evidence.

Still, it would make sense, wouldn't it? A fresh look at Death Stranding 2, maybe another gameplay demo for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (which is out on the 20th October)? Hell, we could be in for a Sony-based showcase. After all, we still don't know much about the Japanese giant's plans beyond Spidey — but we're not getting our hopes up!

The last State of Play aired just a couple of weeks ago, so if this 'leak' turns out to be accurate, we wouldn't expect the broadcast to take place until mid October, or thereabouts.

Do you believe in this blurry image? Thank Kojima for his service in the comments section below.

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