The Day Before is a zombie survival MMO coming to PS5, and it looks kind of like a mix between The Division and State of Decay. Except, apparently, less exciting than either, judging by the latest gameplay released by developer Fntastic.

The environments look great, admittedly, but very little actually happens. We see some light exploration and looting, a bit of weapon modding, and shockingly few zombies. Honestly, the whole thing looks like a tech demo, which is bizarre, considering The Day Before was initially meant to launch next month, on 1st March.

That was before a shady-sounding trademark mixup pushed the release back until 10th November; apparently, no one at the studio thought to trademark the title of the game before it was announced.

If you've heard anything about The Day Before, it was likely that the title was one of the most wishlisted games on Steam (no longer), but the more we see of this game, it seems all sizzle and little substance. Then there's the weird way in which Fntastic describes its workforce, some of whom are reportedly not being paid for their efforts.

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