Surprise! PS5 Exclusive Stellar Blade Has Been Delayed to 2024 1

If you were anticipating an action-packed weekend of Stellar Blade action, then you probably should have known better to be honest. Despite being scheduled to release in 2023, it was pretty clear earlier this year that Korean developer Shift Up’s console debut would take a little longer to launch on PS5. It’s now been included in a list of PS Blog highlights, with a 2024 release window attached.

“Stellar Blade is an action-adventure game making its way to PS5 next year,” the blog post reads. “This hack-‘n’-slash title puts players in control of the stylish heroine Eve, as she takes on the Naytibas, a force ravaging Earth while surviving humans escape to an outer space colony. Stellar Blade combines sharp action with stunning visuals and a mature narrative to create something all new. Players will have to master a balanced offense and defense to survive against hordes of out-of-this-world enemies.”

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Despite originally being intended as a multiformat title under the name Project EVE, Sony signed a publishing contract with Shift Up, making this a full-blown PS5 exclusive. We’re fairly confident we’ll see more of the release in the New Year, although the platform holder tends to favour promoting only two or three titles at a time, and its docket is currently full with Rise of the Ronin and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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